2019 Giveaway – Custom Phone Socket

Last year we gave away 3 Custom phone Sockets and the results were amazing!

What people created blew our minds, from family portraits to business logos.

This year we’re expecting nothing different!


So what are you winning?

One Custom Phone Socket

Winners must create and add to cart their custom sockets, so don’t enter if you are to lazy to create something! (Its happened before).


How to enter?

Simply create an account on Markskrill.com, before the end date 1st August 2019.

We want participants who are eager to create products with Markskrill & want to be an active member of our community.



All existing members are automatically in the draw to win one custom phone socket, excluding ALL members who won previous draws.

Please use real names, winners will be announced on facebook and contacted via email & possibly SMS if located within Aus.

Winners must create their socket via our in house “Designer tool”.

Must create a member account before the 1st of August 2019.


Partner Referrals

Refer your friends & get rewards for sales and signups.


Want to make more money from your blog?


We have the secret sauce to your blogging blues

Displaying ads not bringing in that dough? If you’ve been blogging for awhile you’d know that the money is in partnerships, especially affiliate partnerships.

So how to make the “Big Bucks”? Its simple.

High commissions or trending products

Is what most affiliates go for, so our proposition to you is Do you want our secret sauce?!


Whats trending on Markskrill.com

The custom phone socket is currently trending on markskrill, not just that but all custom products.

People love creating things they’re passionate about, want to take advantage of this trend? You can sell (Promote) the custom phone socket to your audience no matter you niche!

Created using Marksrill.com, Designer tool – Custom phone socket

Simply publish your link, a description, image etc onto social media or other sources to earn!

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The best of Markskrill, Our creations from 2018-19

Best Sellers & Team Favs

Let us complete you and fill your soul with original and custom products exclusive to Markskrill.


Hot right now!

Customers are loving our custom phone sockets right now, super competitive prices W/free shipping whats not to love.

Get yours in multiple base colours, phone socket comes in retail packaging.


Our Fav & Original design

This design was the first in our collection of tees and is a classic, whats not to love about a sea creature with shit for brains.

Xs to 3XL get yours today W/free shipping, this design is an exclusive design to the merchant Markskrill.


Fluorescent Looking Slim Phone Case

We said Fluorescent “Looking” because it isn’t fluorescent, but it looks it! Ha.

The glossy version of this phone case gives it a shimmer making it appear fluorescent, you can buy it in matte or gloss.


New Product Line

We’ve added a ton of new aluminium dog tags that have awesome designs printed onto them, both designs from our in house designer and outsourced work.

These dog tags are currently very affordable with free shipping, we look forward to the production of many more great products!


New Product Line

We’re rolling out these cool new drawstring bags that are super durable with strong corners and cotton like material.

We’re so confident in this bag that we’ve made more designs available for purchase, some products turned out so great that we feel they are worth way more than we’re selling them for! Get yours today W/free shipping.

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Build em up buttercup, sell without ever buying products

This probably sounds dumb but in the modern age of technology it’s much easier to sell products online than you think, with affiliate marketing.

Becoming an affiliate gives you the ability to sell a company or businesses products and services as an affiliate, lot’s of companies have affiliate programs such as Ebay or Target.


So where to start?

Just Start. It’s that simple. Learn along the way, build an audience and hone your skills. We’ll help every step of the way.

You’ll find that a lot of companies actually want to see you succeed! *Gasp Face*


The reason why companies with affiliate programs want you to succeed!

You’ll make them money! of coarse they’ll have to pay you for your efforts but it’s worth it ten fold to them, one customer is worth their life (Purchase) span to most companies.

All companies and businesses have their agreements set out, such as (10 percent commission for sales with re-occurring payments etc.

Let’s succeed together!

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Why join us?

We’re creating kick ass products that we feel are a product market fit for our affiliates audiences. We want to excel in our business we don’t want to be a flop so we’re going hard!

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Starter Tip: How to sell products on Instagram

Not an affiliate yet? Join for free and sell products online.

Create Product Links

Instead of sending traffic to the homepage send people to specific pages instead, like product pages.

Specifically ones with product photography rather than a mock-up images.


Share images in your story

“Aggressive” Slim Phone Case For Samsung & iPhone

Don’t forget to put your affiliate URL in your account settings

Adding your link to your account gives users the ability to click on and visit our website via your affiliate URL, just putting your URL in your bio doesn’t make it clickable.

Your bio should signify that you’re an affiliate, you may also cloak your link if you wish, such as using websites such as Bitly, linktree etc.


Be persistent & switch on business account

Switching your IG account from personal to business is free to do and will give you useful analytics that you’ll need to convert interested buyers.

You’ll notice that people are rather hostile to salespeople, so if you plan on spamming people things will go bad quickly.

If you’re new to selling online there’s something you should know, successful sales people don’t just SELL things they build relationships.

Connect with people and have fun with it!


Using our images on IG

We have a lot of our images floating around on markskrill.com and markskrill.org, we suggest that all affiliates use the images provided with the business logo attached. Also refrain from copy and pasting content from blog articles but feel free to use them as sources.


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Is affiliate marketing difficult?

It all depends what you’re selling online and what your audience is in to, you can’t sell meat to vegans.

So let’s look into our own products, our phone cases.

We have a slim phone case available in samsung and iPhone.

So that limits us to people who have those devices and whether they like the look of the case, so let’s say we have an audience of 1000 people.

We broadcast to them, only 50 of them think its cool so they view it. But 30 can’t buy because there model phone isn’t available.


20 are thinking about it but they leave and forget about the product, your job as a marketer is to show that product again to those 20 who were interested and convert them to buy if they haven’t already.

Network marketing also referred to as referral marketing can be very lucrative if you have an audience who relates to the products and services you’re selling.

Looking for something to sell?

Write For Us

Copywriters can be quite expensive but worth it for some great content, here at Markskrill we’re doing it backwards.

We’re offering our partners and customers the ability to join our wordpress.com blogging site markskrill.org as an Author for only $1.99 AUD weekly.

So why does it cost you to write for us? shouldn’t it be the other way around.

It should be but as a beginner you are charged for access to our blog, great articles that promote our business are rewarded via the partner program.

A great article with 500 words could fetch you $1.00+

Don’t want to promote our products? As an Author you can write articles about whatever you want and we might even advertise it.

Creating products for leisure or for a business has never been easier.

The makers market

Whether it’s for entrepreneurs, customers or businesses creating products has never been easier.

Screen printing and embroidery has become super main stream these days with print on demand companies on the rise.

And technology making it easier for D.I.Y projects being created, an example is our very own designer tool. Where customers can create and purchase products in their own time. Upon completion the data is sent straight to the printing company ready to be printed.

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is exactly as described above, consumers place orders for custom products which are to be printed as soon or as near as the order is placed.

About us

And our industry, like many others. Our business creates print on demand products and supplies them from various locations around the world, mostly USA, UK & China.

Some of these products can be unique in structure such as the drawstring bag, adjustable socket or color changing mug.

How to sell our products for free

Why not take advantage of our program and promote our products online, have a following but nothing to sell? Well now you do.

In this article we’re going to teach you how to promote our products and how much you’ll get paid.

Sharing to social media

Share your links on social media, in your bio.

On your timeline and anywhere you can share your link, without spamming people.

Within your dashboard you can share your link directly to your social media accounts.


Share our giveaways, get people to signup for an account, doing this will give them an entry into the upcoming draw which is typically shared on social media.

Also enabling us to track the prospect by their name and email, allowing you to get rewarded when they purchase in the future.

(We pay for email signups at our own discretion)

We’ll email you about what products will be featured in the giveaway, they typically run for 2 weeks giving you enough time to promote it to your following.

Share images with links

When sharing on social media also add an image, you can get images from this website, markskrill.com or social media.

you’ll find that your links will get more clicks when you display an image also.

How goods the pay?

We pay 10% of every sale plus rewards for link clicks and signups.

Cash out via PayPal or Stripe, min withdrawal $25.

Custom links

Create custom links to drive traffic to product pages, you’re more likely to convert a prospect by sending them to a product page rather than the homepage.

How to create a blogging site for free

Blogging is a great source of income once you have a decent following and products to sell to those followers.

In this article we’re going to talk about how to start a blog and monetise it.

Step 1

Setup your free blogging site at WordPress, choose a theme and add content to your blog.

Create your content based on your interests and what you’ll be blogging about, for example “fashion”, “sport”, “news” etc.

Create your first pages and blog posts, your pages contain permanent fixed content such as “contact us” & “about us” and posts contain your temporary content such as “hottest new products by markskrill” or “new articles”.

Step 2

Build a following, share your posts on social media & get people to subscribe to your blog so that you can engage and sell to them!

Step 3

Find a product to sell or upgrade your site.

We suggest joining our network and promoting our products on your blog for free!


Upgrade your site to premium to activate ads, display ads in your blog articles and make money based on impressions.

(You don’t have to upgrade to promote our brand)