If you could sell any product on earth for free but were limited to these what would you choose

(Actual) You can sell any of our products online for free. It’s called affiliate marketing.


What would you choose?

Custom merchandise – Offer a single product to your audience or the whole collection.

Customers can create and order their own personalised items, which you’ll be rewarded for.

Create custom links in your dashboard to direct customers to a specific web-page.

T-shirts – it’s currently winter here in Australia so we aren’t pushing so hard on t-shirts, however if you’re an American or live elsewhere you can still promote our business as well as this product line.

Our manufacturers are located all over the globe, so we ship worldwide.

Phone cases – we have a lot of different models available in different style cases, most of the newer models are available in the wallet case.

Flexi Cases and slim cases are also available, models may vary, we’re always looking to expand our inventory so who knows what’ll be available in the future!

Drawstring bags – These New drawstring bags are worth the money! With durable corners and canvas material you can expect your new bag to last years.

We expect 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to these bags, if we were to judge on which is the best product line to promote, it would be Custom Merch & Drawstring Bags.


Starter tips:

Don’t forget to add your affiliate link (custom or not) to your Instagram settings, this makes it clickable to potential customers (prospects).

DM your link to potential buyers, if they show an interest.

Share images from markskrill.com & markskrill.org, or create your own.

Post to Facebook or IG, in your stories or on your feed, or wherever you feel. If you want to make sales you need to get some attention!

Try mixing it up, promote one product line one week like the custom Merch and Drawstring bags the next. See what products best resonates with your audience.


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