Starter Tip: How to sell products on Instagram

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Create Product Links

Instead of sending traffic to the homepage send people to specific pages instead, like product pages.

Specifically ones with product photography rather than a mock-up images.


Share images in your story

“Aggressive” Slim Phone Case For Samsung & iPhone

Don’t forget to put your affiliate URL in your account settings

Adding your link to your account gives users the ability to click on and visit our website via your affiliate URL, just putting your URL in your bio doesn’t make it clickable.

Your bio should signify that you’re an affiliate, you may also cloak your link if you wish, such as using websites such as Bitly, linktree etc.


Be persistent & switch on business account

Switching your IG account from personal to business is free to do and will give you useful analytics that you’ll need to convert interested buyers.

You’ll notice that people are rather hostile to salespeople, so if you plan on spamming people things will go bad quickly.

If you’re new to selling online there’s something you should know, successful sales people don’t just SELL things they build relationships.

Connect with people and have fun with it!


Using our images on IG

We have a lot of our images floating around on and, we suggest that all affiliates use the images provided with the business logo attached. Also refrain from copy and pasting content from blog articles but feel free to use them as sources.


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