Is affiliate marketing difficult?

It all depends what you’re selling online and what your audience is in to, you can’t sell meat to vegans.

So let’s look into our own products, our phone cases.

We have a slim phone case available in samsung and iPhone.

So that limits us to people who have those devices and whether they like the look of the case, so let’s say we have an audience of 1000 people.

We broadcast to them, only 50 of them think its cool so they view it. But 30 can’t buy because there model phone isn’t available.


20 are thinking about it but they leave and forget about the product, your job as a marketer is to show that product again to those 20 who were interested and convert them to buy if they haven’t already.

Network marketing also referred to as referral marketing can be very lucrative if you have an audience who relates to the products and services you’re selling.

Looking for something to sell?


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