How to sell our products for free

Why not take advantage of our program and promote our products online, have a following but nothing to sell? Well now you do.

In this article we’re going to teach you how to promote our products and how much you’ll get paid.

Sharing to social media

Share your links on social media, in your bio.

On your timeline and anywhere you can share your link, without spamming people.

Within your dashboard you can share your link directly to your social media accounts.


Share our giveaways, get people to signup for an account, doing this will give them an entry into the upcoming draw which is typically shared on social media.

Also enabling us to track the prospect by their name and email, allowing you to get rewarded when they purchase in the future.

(We pay for email signups at our own discretion)

We’ll email you about what products will be featured in the giveaway, they typically run for 2 weeks giving you enough time to promote it to your following.

Share images with links

When sharing on social media also add an image, you can get images from this website, or social media.

you’ll find that your links will get more clicks when you display an image also.

How goods the pay?

We pay 10% of every sale plus rewards for link clicks and signups.

Cash out via PayPal or Stripe, min withdrawal $25.

Custom links

Create custom links to drive traffic to product pages, you’re more likely to convert a prospect by sending them to a product page rather than the homepage.


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